Spark Curiosity. Inspire Creativity.

Let’s work together to raise the next generation of curious, creative, intelligent humans, who are active in the arts and sciences, lovers of nature and books, and who are emotionally and physically healthy.

Wisdom begins in wonder. -Socrates

Spark curiosity!

Slow down, observe, ask open-ended questions… but do not rush to search for the answer. The simple act of allowing the question to mellow, to ripen in one’s mind may in fact expand upon the curiosity and understanding gained later by engaging to find answers. In essence “sleep on it.”

There is power in delayed gratification, in anticipation… that power develops the motivation to learn.

You can’t use up creativity.

The more you use,

the more you have.

- Maya Angelou

Curiosity and creativity go hand in hand, each propelling the other forward, further developing one’s intelligence and skills. When faced with a moment of curiosity, if the answer is not immediately provided for children, they will explore the idea or object through curiosity and creativity.

Open-ended toys and art supplies, materials without set directions are a fantastically fun way to further develop both as well as skills in the arts and sciences.

“Learning is a life-long process that can take place anytime & anywhere... and it should be enjoyable!”

-Jamie Cowan

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Learning through experience together.

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